Inspection Range for New Homes / Units / Townhouses / Renovations & Extensions

Home buyers are recommended to have their interest's protected by arranging an INDEPENDENT NEW HOME INSPECTION, as we're happy to discuss your concerns to determine how we can help you.

Failure to identify defective building work, may lead to future costly expenses, and potentially devalue your home. Structural defects can develop over time, and failure to document issues, and ensure that they are reported to the Builder/contractor, may leave as family wearing part of the responsibility of the rectification costs.

It's vital that you have your interest's protected, as we'll ensure that we undertake a thorough inspection which will be assessed against the requirements of the Building Legislation, Building Codes, Australian Standards, manufacturer technical installation guides which will be documented in a photographic report.

It's our experience that most people who have a "bad feeling", from not being sure about their builder's work, are then sometimes surprised to learn the extent of building problems, which only a comprehensive Professional Independent Building Inspection will reveal.


Our NEW HOME INSPECTION REPORTS will document the defects we have identified with:

  • A Summary of the Property
  • A Summary List of Defects
  • A Recommendations List of what building work which must be carried out to avoid future Building Defects
  • A Recommendations List of what Building Work has been done, which requires checks that require a Building Permit
  • A Comprehensive Technial reference of the defects identied, explaining the minimum compliance requirement
  • All defects are referenced as to locations, so as to explain where each to find them
  • Annotated Photographic evidence of the defects we've identified, so there is no confusion by a builder/contractor, of what'been identified

    The purpose of the report is to ensure that you understand what defects exist, so that you can assert your position to protect your interests under your building contract. Things you felt "weren't built right", are factually confirmed.

  • For each inspection, we will prepare a photographic Report, which will reference the defects identified against :-

  • Building Act 1993
  • Building Regulations 2018, or earlier versions as applicable
  • Domestic Building Contract Act 1995
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • National Construction Code (NCC) - Volume 1 for Commercial
  • National Construction Code (NCC) - Volume 1 for Residential
  • Applicable Australian Standards, (relevant to the work inspected)
  • VBA - Standards & Tolerances 2015
  • Manufacturer Product Technical Installation Guides
  • Plus any other relevant technical literature to support the identification of either poor workmanship, and/or non-compliant building work.

    Our reports will provide you with the evidence you need, to demand rectification of defects by a Builder, compared to hearing excuses.

    A New Home Inspection is a visual assessment of a property, so no damage is done, while we're checking your new home. We will need a copy of the Approved Building Permit Plans, (STAMPED), together with supporting documents, which will we will advise you, depending on which type of Inspection you require.

  • New Home (Stage) Inspections 

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    Specialist Inspections - As Requested

    Checking of :-

    • Slab and/or Strip Footings against Building Codes

    Checking of  your Contracts, Specifications & Plans  for the accuracy of inclusions, & finishes 

    Checking of :-

    • Wall frames
    • Wall Bracing
    • Roof Framing
    • Fixings & Connections
    • Structural elements checked as per approved plans & Australian Standards
    • Compliance of  Fire Separating walls between Units & Townhouses
    • Serious Fire Risks may be a threat to safety, where materials are poorly installed

    Checking of :-

    • Straightened Walls
    • Window & Doors
    • Bath frames
    • Shower Bases
    • Insulation Installed
    • Brickwork
    • Roofing & Guttering
    • Cost Estimates for Rectifying Defects -POA
    • VCAT Cost Estimates in Expert Witness Reports

    Inspection of :-

    • Plasterboard Walls & Ceilings Pre-Paint
    • Kitchen & Vanities, etc

    Checking of 

    • Wet Area water Proofing prior to Tiling
    • Balcony Waterproofing

    Checking for :-

    • Compliance and Workmanship
    • As per Plans & Spec's

    Its always disappointing to find finishes out of level

    You've moved in and have problems which are being ignored by your Builder, or poorly rectified

    POA - Price on Application

    All Inspection services are subject to Terms and Conditions as to the limitations of an Independent Inspection Report. It is the clients responsibility to arrange copies of contractual documents, such as plans, specifications, color selections for us to understand the scope of the building works.

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